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During the years, Messogiaki SA has been made a synonym for trading structural wood products, providing our customers with high quality products that can cover any structural need.

In this sector there are various products. Below some of them, which you can find to our company:

  • Raw MDF

Basic material which is used in furniture production

  • Plywood

We have in stock 7 different types of plywood, each one forr a different use.

  • Poplar Plywood with Sapeli on top, perfect for building use in a low price (WBP)
  • Poplar plywood. Exceptional surface, ideal for CPL foiling for doorframes
  • Russian Birch Plywood. Simply the best EU plywood. Perfect for furniture production and outdoor use. Available in 3 dimensions and 13 thicknesses – 2500X1250, 3050X1525, 1525X1525
  • Elliotis Pine plywood, for building purposes and beehive contruction
  • Okoume marine plywood, ideal for boat building and outdoor use
  • Film faced plywood. Available in 2 types – Russian Birch and poplar. For building purposes
  • Blockboard with Fromager veneer, for door frames

Anything you might need for building purposes

  • OSB – Oriented Stranted Boards. A material used on roof, but because of its high artistic look used for furniture making along with decorative purposes
  • Timber for roof construction
  • Austrian Timber for building in thickness 25mm and widths from 10cm up to 30 cm (good for beehive construction as well)
  • Austrian Spruce timber in various dimensions – 250X50, 50x50 etc
  • Raw chipboard